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Vibrant history

A future proof re-development respecting original characteristics

Former Bank Office Trappenburch in the city centre of Utrecht, built in 1974 for de Nederlandsche Bank, is characterised by elements from brutalism, an architecture movement in the years 1950-1970 which includes block-like, geometric and repetitive forms. Becoming a home to TIAS School for Business and Society, the building is transformed from a dark workplace hidden behind copper-coloured mirror glass into a modern and light work location offering an optimal, high comfort working climate.


Where the characteristics concrete elements of the building were starting point of the renovation, the original repetitive line-play is used to interplay existing and additional areas in the building. The bold concrete ceiling remained intact whilst technical installations have become an integral part of the ceiling having both a technical and acoustic function. All workplaces and lecture spaces are located along the façade bringing in a lot of natural daylight. Through height difference in both the floor and ceiling, a natural interplay of various work areas is combined. The low ceilings and carpets create a quiet atmosphere strengthening concentration where the high ceilings and hard floor finish welcomes teams and groups working together.


A sustainable approach

Through several interventions, in which new window frames, extra façade insulation and new climate installations, the building jumped from a class G energy label G to a class A. Special effort has been made to develop a ´fresh school´ by investing in low energy consumption and a healthy indoor climate in terms of air quality, temperature, light, sound, ventilation and LED lighting.









Transform an historic building into a sustainable and modern workplace

TIAS School for Business and Society

Building Trappenburch, Kroonstraat 50 in Utrecht



Gerrit Vermeulen

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Vibrant history, respecting original characteristics