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Ensuring a promising investment

Deka Immobilien intended to invest in an innovative distribution centre for Vida XL, an international online retailer in household and DIY, in Venlo. The investment comprised a 15-acre plot for the development of seven newbuilds combining distribution and office space. To better understand the investment, Deka Immobilien asked for a thorough review of opportunities and risks.


The P&DS team of Cushman & Wakefield executed a technical Due Diligence to provide the investor detailed information about the property. Thorough independent analyses, inspections and evaluations were executed to expose potential cost drivers and other problems. In mitigating risks for this huge newbuild object, all technical documentation, architectural and installation technical specifications, drawings construction reports and soil surveys were investigated.

During the realisation phase, the team relentlessly steered on planning and quality, meeting the requirements and monitoring execution whilst anticipating on the best possible hand-over at the time of completion.










Technical advice on the acquisition of a 100.000 m2 distribution centre

Deka Immobilien GmbH

Mary Kingsleystraat in Venlo


Project Monitoring

Gerrit Vermeulen

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